How to add a number to the location marker pin?

Sometimes having several locations close to each other can make it harder to hover over each one of them. Instead, you can place a single location marker pin with a number that represents the locations around that area. 

Here is how to do it:

1) Once you have added all the locations, you need to define when you want the location markers to appear on your map. You can do this by using the location "display" property:


- Go to the code tab and add the following to each location:

Locations only visible on zoom out:

display: "out",  
Locations only visible on state-level zoom:

display: "state"


2) Then, go to the "Labels" tab and create labels for the locations where you want to show a number inside the marker. 


- Set the "Parent type" to location and the "Parent id" to the location id. You can find the location id by going to the "Code" tab and scrolling down to the locations section of the code:


- The name would be the number that you want to show inside the marker:


3) You should be able to see the numbers inside the marker by this point. 

Zoom out:


Zoomed TX: